Boston Art School for Chinese Music

Hello, my name is Ping and I have been a professional yangqin (Chinese dulcimer) and zheng performer for almost 30 years.
I founded the Boston Art School for Chinese Music in 2000. Since then, I have had the pleasure to teach both Chinese and American students. Every year, I gather my students for open recitals. These events are free and open to the public.
I am always so impressed to see how much each one of them has improved. My students always make me very proud. Besides teaching, I am also honored to be invited to perform around the world. I hope to be an emissary who will spread the goodness of Chinese music culture in the United States.

Listen now to the beginning of "Storm Petrel" played by Ping Li
Listen now to all of "The Grieving Princes Zhao" played by Ping Li

 The School principal objectives
  • To develop every student's potential to the highest level
  • To use music for expression of one's emotion
  •  Music Lessons
    Students at any level are welcome to learn both dulcimer and zheng. The locations for taking these lessons are flexible. Please contact me directly to arrange home or school lessons.
    美國華樂學會青少年樂團--中國揚琴古箏青少年樂團是近幾年來活躍在波士頓舞台上一支年輕的充滿活力的中國民樂團. 由原中國中央民族樂團首席演奏家李平女士親自指揮與執教。 [more ...]